Love the Interwebs?

Get what you love, when you want with 1Gbps.

Love the Interwebs?

Get what you love, when you want with 1Gbps.

What's new

What's new

That's What Friends Are For

Are you an existing MyRepublic subscriber or know someone who is? Here's a win-win offer for you bot ...

It's Dangerous On The Internet! Take This.

Have you ever been hit by a virus, malware or spyware? 'Cuz it sucks. At_best_ it is an inconvenienc ...

Everyone's Going Over The Top

You might have heard of the media jargon term "Over-The-Top (OTT) Content". Even if you haven't, you ...

5 Tips For 1Gbps Downloads

Now first off, this isn't a post about SpeedTest. While SpeedTest can be handy as a basic diagnostic ...

  • The whole family loves MyRepublic… my daughter’s watching TV online, my son’s gaming, I’m downloading and my wife is surfing the web all at the same time... and with no delays or slow-downs!

    – Doxie Davis

  • You guys should definitely try MyRepublic Teleport Service! ... I've tried Netflix and it's amazing, I've tried to play some random movies and surprisingly I don't even have to wait for it to buffer a HD video...

    – Wei Chen

  • Uploaded 100 full size photos in less than a minute... love MyRepublic!

    – Kwok Kah Weng

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